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2018 December - Graduation

Another awesome class of graduates from the Holi Boli Sewing Centre.  We teach stitching, pattern making and designing to students.  Most of them take these new skills and get work.  We even get to hire a few of them at Holi Boli for our clothing manufacture side.

Graduates of December 2018
The course runs for 4 months. The students learn the very basics such as cutting with scissors and threading...

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2017 April - Graduation Stories

Every graduation we have comes with stories from the sewing students about how they have overcome so much to learn to sew. I am always amazed and in awe of the resilience of women! These women are from village backgrounds and often travel up to 10 km/day to come to class in the 40+ temperatures. RESPECT!

Asmati (in yellow) and Ana at April 2017 Graduation

This, the moment my heart screams "YOU DID...

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2016 December - Let the Graduations Commence!

First it was our sisters over at the "Malipali Play and Learn" time to graduate. Two wonderful girls completed 8 months of intense and practical based training. We are so proud of these girls as they have worked very hard to gain their awards. The spend 2.5 hours with the children at the Play and Learn Centre followed by 2 hours (sometimes more) of theoretical training. Both Puja and Nimala are...

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