Q1. How do I know what size to buy?

Use a tape measure to measure your bust, waist (above tummy button) and hips. Once you have your measurements, take a look at our size guide to see what sizing will fit you best. Keep in mind that your widest points need to be accommodated. Depending on the style of garment, you may find you can slide between sizes. For example, if you are bigger in the hips, you might find you can downsize in a style that has a fuller skirt to accommodate your hip measurement. 

If you need any sizing advice, email us at holiboli@live.com or send us a message on Facebook. 

 Click here to go to the Holi Boli size guide.


Q2. How long does it take to ship to my country?

You should receive your order within two or three weeks. Our normal shipping time is one week to New Zealand and two weeks to Australia and USA.

Being based in rural India means we aren’t next to any major ports, but we endeavour to have your order delivered as quickly as possible. Postal services are always busier during December so order early to receive your purchase in time for Christmas.


Q3. How do you ship my order?

We ship with Indian Mail (Speed Post) using their registered mail service. The items are tracked and the tracking number can be followed by most national postal services.  We pack your garments in Indian designed recycled shopping bags – feel free to reuse these to cut back on single-use plastic!


Q4. What if my order gets lost in the mail?

Almost all our items are delivered with no issues. However, if you think your parcel may have got lost please contact us at holiboli@live.com and we will help you out. 


Q5. I don't want to buy 'online', can I still buy a dress?

Yes! Email us at holiboli@live.com and let us know what you would like to purchase. We will send you payment details by email and when the payment is received we will post the item to you.


Q6.  What if I don't like the garment after I receive it or the size isn't right?

If the garment you buy is not what you want or is the wrong size, email us at holiboli@live.com and let us know. You need to do this within a week of receiving your purchase. We're usually more than happy to refund or exchange the garment if it's returned in its original condition.

Click here to find out more about returns


Q7. I love Holi Boli clothing but I do not fit standard sizes. Can you make a Holi Boli garment especially for me?

Email us at holiboli@live.com or send us a message on Facebook to discuss the options. You will need to supply us with your measurements so we can draft up your unique pattern. There are no returns or refunds on made-to-measure garments and there is an extra charge of US$20 for this service. 


Q8.  I don't need any clothes but would like to support Holi Boli  in empowering women. What can I do?

We love it when others want to join us on our mission to empower women! The best way to support Holi Boli is by making a donation via our trust website, CIC Trust India. You can read about our upcoming projects and how to donate. CIC Trust is a Public Charitable Trust in Sambalpur, Odisha India. It runs a vocational training centre and an early childhood centre in Bhalupali village - to support women, their families and the community. 


Q9. I'm a socially conscious retailer and want to stock ethically made clothing. Can Holi Boli design and manufacture clothing for my shop?

We manufacture small runs in woven (non-stretch) natural fabrics - organic cotton, linen and raw denim. You can choose from the Holi Boli designs or we can make to your design. We can help with fabric sourcing and also care labels etc. for your garments. 

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Q10.  What does your name mean?

Holi Boli does not actually mean anything.  We tried hard to come up with a name that had no meaning anywhere.  However, we love that names develop meaning.  Some people have suggested that Holi Boli is a combination of the Indian festival Holi where colour powders are thrown at each other and Boli is an Indian sweet - we love that!  Colourful and sweet is a nice description of Holi Boli.  Others have suggested that it is a combination of Hollywood and Bollywood and that we have taken the glamorous side of the USA and India in our garments.  We like that too!  Some others have suggested that in some South American countries, "Holi Boli!" is like an exclamation of fun.  That is cool. 

To us, our name reflects everything Holi Boli stands for - freedom, empowerment, beauty and celebration of femininity.