Q1. How do I know what size to buy?

Use a tape measure to measure your bust, waist (above tummy button) and hips (widest area around the bottom). Then have a look at our size guide to see what sizing you match up to most.

Many of our dresses have a tailored fit around the shoulders and bust, so getting a size that is most similar to your bust measurement will give a great fit. Most of our dresses are slip-on dresses with an adjustable waist (with sash ties) so if your waist is the same or less than your bust measurement, then you’ll be ok to stick with the dress size that is the best match for your bust. 

Most of our dress styles have a gathered or pleated skirt, which makes them all very suitable for every shape and size hip. So stick with the size that best matched your bust measurement. 

Our jeans are made from a stretch denim, so they are flexible around the hips. However the waistband is strengthened and so it is less stretchy, hence it is advisable to get the size that matches closest to your waist measurement when buying jeans.

If you need any sizing advice or have any questions, please feel free to message our designer/dressmaker Ana at ana@holiboli.com or send us a message on Facebook. 

 Click here to go to the Holi Boli size guide.


Q2. How long does it take to ship to my country?

From India

If you are shopping on our Indian website (www.holiboli.in) our normal shipping time is three weeks to New Zealand, Australia and USA. Being based in rural India means we aren’t next to any major ports, but we endeavour to have your order delivered as quickly as possible. 

The global pandemic has disrupted normal international distribution channels and there are now less trains and planes moving freight globally. However new routes are springing up as couriers work hard to restore their services. Your parcel will get to you as soon as possible and we take responsibility to track it until it safely reaches you.  

From New Zealand

If you are buying from our New Zealand website www.holiboli.com (this stock is in NZ) domestic postage within NZ usually arrives within a week. Allow two to three weeks for parcels to Australia and USA. 

Postal services are always busier during October (in India) and December (in NZ) so order early to receive your purchase in time for Christmas.



Q3. How do you ship my order?

From India we ship with Indian Mail (Speed Post) using their registered mail service. The items are tracked and the tracking number can be followed by most national postal services.  We pack your garments in Indian designed recycled shopping bags – feel free to reuse these to cut back on single-use plastic!

From NZ we use Courier Post using compostable bags that can be turned inside out and reused.


Q4. What if my order gets lost in the mail?

If you think your parcel may have got lost please contact us at holiboli@live.com and we will help you out. We will be tracking your parcel and take responsibility to see it safely reach you. 


Q5. I don't want to buy 'online', can I still buy a dress?

Yes! Email us at holiboli@live.com and let us know what you would like to purchase. We will give you the bank details and when we have received your payment we will then send your parcel. If you are in New Zealand, you could visit one of our stockists and try on before you buy from their selection instore. NEWSFLASH: we are in the process of fitting out a workshop/retail outlet in Hamilton! 


Q6.  What if I don't like the garment after I receive it or the size isn't right?

If the garment you buy is not what you want or is the wrong size, email us at holiboli@live.com and let us know. You need to do this within a week of receiving your purchase. We're usually more than happy to refund or exchange the garment if it's returned quickly and is in its original, unworn condition with tags still attached.

If you purchased your garment from one of our stockists, the return/exchange needs to be done with that stockist and their store policies will apply. 

Click here to find out more about returns


Q7.  I don't need any clothes but would like to support Holi Boli  in empowering women. What can I do?

We love it when others want to join us on our mission to empower women! If you are wanting to financially support the ladies and work at Holi Boli, you can do this by buying our beautiful Journals. Proceeds from your journal sale help to keep our team empowered with wages plus provides extra support for our community, such as covering medical bills and unexpected needs as they arise. There is a ‘tip’ option at the checkout where you can choose to donate more should you wish to. 

Other ways to support Holi Boli are by increasing our exposure to more potential customers by sharing our story and posts on your social media or by giving us a Google or facebook review. 


Q8. I'm a socially conscious retailer and want to stock ethically made clothing. Can Holi Boli design and manufacture clothing for my shop?

We manufacture small runs in woven (non-stretch) natural fabrics - organic cotton, linen and raw denim. Our seamstresses are some of the best in India and we pay more than a living wage, hence our wholesale pricing is fair. We are more expensive than a mass producing sweatshop. We also manufacture a NZ-made range in NZ. If you would like to initiate a discussion about stocking Holi Boli in your store, click the link below.

We do manufacture for other designers and retailers in NZ who want a trustworthy and transparent supply chain. Currently we are not taking on new brands. 

Find out more about becoming a stockist


Q9.  What does your name mean?

The name Holi Boli has several different influences. It is a play on the words and the glitz and glamour of Holllywood and Bollywood. We promote the courage to wear colour and so we resonate with the Indian festival of Holi where the community comes freely together to play and throw coloured powders at each other and the change of season is celebrated. Boli is also an Indian sweet. Holly is a feminine name, so that lends to our feminist brand designed for women, by women. Sisters empowering sisters. 

To us, our name reflects everything Holi Boli stands for -  freedom, empowerment, beauty, sweetness, sisterhood, colour and celebration of femininity.