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Q1. How do I know what size to buy?

To know what will fit you best, grab a tape measure and measure your bust, waist (above tummy button) and hips/butt (widest point). Then look at our Size Guide to see where you sit on that. Your widest point needs to be accommodated, so go with the size that works for that. Depending on the style of dress, you may find you can conveniently slide between sizes. eg, if you are bigger in the hips, you might find you can downsize in a style that is A-framed or has a fuller skirt as the size down still accommodates your hip measurement. Please email or private message us on Facebook for any help, advice or second opinion when choosing your size. We love to help.    Email:


Q2. How long does it take to ship to my country?

We have been averaging ONE WEEK to NZ and two weeks Australia and USA in 2019!  Respect to the posties - you rock!  However, we say it normally takes about two to three weeks to ship to most countries. Since Holi Boli has the heart to provide work for women in village areas we are not based next to a major port.  We hope that you get behind us and help us empower women in these areas.  Please note: delays are expected around India's big festival called Durga Puja (usually mid-October - depending on the moon) and Christmas time (all December).


Q3. How do you ship my order?

We ship using Indian Mail (Speed Post) using their registered mail service.  The items are tracked and the tracking number can be followed by most countries national postal service.  We pack your dress in a special Indian designed, recycled shopping bag that you can use to get your groceries while stunning all the shoppers in your beautiful new Holi Boli dress - sustainability - save our planet!


Q4. What if my order gets lost in the mail?

So far so good - 99% of our items have been delivered.  Parcels leaving India seem to have very few problems.  However, if the worst was to happen to your parcel then Holi Boli Fashionz takes full responsibility and will endeavor to ensure that you are left with a positive experience.  We will do our best to find the parcel but if there is no joy then we will offer credit or full refund to you (your choice).  We aim to satisfy our customers expectations.


Q5. I don't want to buy 'online' can I still buy a dress?

Yes!  You can email us at and tell us what you would like to purchase and we can arrange things from our end.  We will send you payment details by email and when the payment is received we will post the item to you.


Q6.  What if I don't like the dress after I receive it or it doesn't fit right or it is defective?

Holi Boli takes a 'quality first' approach to all we do.  If your dress is not what you want then you can email us at and tell us about the issue. You need to do this ASAP as we will not usually refund garments after one week of its arrival in your hands.  We will do our best to ensure you have a quality experience. Return postage is at your expense. Returns can be posted to our New Zealand or Indian office. 


Q7.  I don't need any beautiful clothes but would like to support Holi Boli because I believe in empowering women in Indian villages.  What can I do?

We love it when people get passionate enough about what we do to invest into it.  The best way to support Holi Boli in this way is to jump onto our other business website, CIC India, and read the donation side and upcoming projects.  You can find this at: CIC India Support and Projects. CIC is our vocational training business that also runs an early childhood centre in Bhalupali village.


Q8.  What does Holi Boli mean?

 'Holi' is taken from the Indian festival that celebrates colour and marks the beginning of Summer. It is a festival where the whole community plays together by throwing coloured powders at each other and celebrate colour, fun and equality of human beings.  Boli is an Indian sweet/desert. And also Hollywood/Bollywood inspires glamour, flair and fashion. So, Holi Boli is about colour, fun, fashion, unity, equality and celebrating feminity!  


Q9. I've heard a lot of stories of horrible sweat shop factories in Asia. As a socially conscious retailer I want to stock ethically made clothing from Holi Boli. Where do I start with inquiring about stocking Holi Boli in our shop and can Holi Boli make our designs?

We are so glad that you care about the women who make the clothes. We would love to manufacture dresses for your shop. We manufacture small runs, such as a single size range, in woven (non-stretch) natural fabrics (cotton and linen). You can choose from the Holi Boli designs or we can make to your design. We can help with fabric sourcing and also care labels etc for your garments. Please email us at to inquire and discuss further. 


Q10. I love the Holi Boli dresses but I do not fit standard sizes and I have certain requirements. Can you make a Holi Boli dress especially for me?

Yes, we have several happy customers in New Zealand who proudly wear gorgeous made-to-measure, one of a kind dresses from Holi Boli. Email us at to discuss or facebook message us. You will need to supply us with your measurements so we can draft up your unique pattern. There are no returns or refunds on made-to-measure dresses. There is an extra charge of US$20 for this service. This service is only available according to our production schedule at the time of enquiry.