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Holi Boli is a New Zealand ethical fashion brand specialising in designing and producing high quality, elegant women’s clothing made from sustainable, earth-friendly organic cotton, raw denim and linen fabrics.

Collections are made locally in NZ and at Holi Boli’s own ethical manufacturing house in rural India, where local women are empowered with fair wages and meaningful work.

Holi Boli exists to empower women; those who wear our garments and those who make them. Our team of highly skilled seamstresses produce exclusive, limited-edition runs of carefully and beautifully tailored feminine styles, offering inclusive sizing from 8 to 22.

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Holi Boli was founded on the belief that fashion can be a vehicle to empowerment and dignity for women.

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Global Sisterhood Collection:

Life-Changing Fashion: A Runway Event

Thoughtfulness Journal

Make a difference with NZ$35

The proceeds from your journal purchase help to keep our team at the Holi Boli Sewing House in India empowered with wages plus provides extra support for our community there. 

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