Matt Watson is the image guru for Holi Boli.  Always professional, creative, polite and has amazing business acumen.  He not only paints the Holi Boli picture but he also helps design where it is going. 

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Holi Boli loves Elizabeth J!  Best photographer in the universe.  Liz is always positive and encourages everyone.  Liz has been our number one photographer since forever.

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Hamish from Flying Saucer is a intergalactic genius.  A photo taker and video maker in all environments - the cold back alley ways in Wellington to the searing heat of an Indian summer in Bhalupali.  He is like Indiana Jones with a camera (and not a whip).  Hidden skills include tribal dancing with the Munda tribe.

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Holi Boli was so lucky to collaborate with the kind folks at Gush Shoes and Accessories to ensure that no animals were harmed in the "Travel" Collection photo shoot.  Gush make the most beautiful VEGAN shoes in the world.

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Brittany is a legend.  She had her photo taken for three days straight and still managed to shine like the sun.  Holi Boli is super proud to have Britt in our Winter and Summer "Travel" Collection.  Brit ensured that everyone's make up was perfect all the time with her professional make-up artistry skills.

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Other Important Contributors

Special thanks to Isaac Martin who inspired, wrote and proofed so many words for Holi Boli.  Zac turned our stories into poetry that equalled our beautiful images.  

The wonderful Sarah Percy is responsible for the attention to detail in our "Travel" Collection photo shoot.  Sarah was able to make sure all the accessories matched the outfits.  Even more than that Sarah is a great hair stylist and organiser that brings happiness wherever she is.

Hope Jackson is an amazing model who brings joy to those around her.  It was awesome to have Hope for the product shoot.  We had a lot of laughs and her joyful beauty is exactly what Holi Boli hopes to bring to women.