First it was our sisters over at the "Malipali Play and Learn" time to graduate.  Two wonderful girls completed 8 months of intense and practical based training.  We are so proud of these girls as they have worked very hard to gain their awards.  The spend 2.5 hours with the children at the Play and Learn Centre followed by 2 hours (sometimes more) of theoretical training.  Both Puja and Nimala are legends with little kids and we are excited to see them impact the little children in their own villages / towns.

Then it was Holi Boli's turn to graduate 11 students.  They have finished their 4 month course.  These girls moved very fast through their basic skills training because they were all so keen and had many had machines at home.  We spent most of our training time in patterns which was a nice change.  Banita is our new assistant teacher did really well at teaching her first class and we are all excited for the next class which will start on the 2nd January.


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