We wish you a merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Our end of the year wind up has consisted of a few picnics and team building trips.  A 'picnic' in our part of India usually involves a day of cooking in some very scenic spot with a bunch of your girlfriends (and a token guy to scare away any unnecessary onlookers).  I guess in the west you might call it a BBQ or something (except we guys are mainly vegetarians).

We had a picnic in a beautiful river side spot in Sankarma (our nearby village to Bhalupali) and then another one at Holi Boli; then a trip to the Hirakud Dam (where we had pizza for a change).  So, we are all feeling well feed.  LOL.  We have our 'winter break' to the 2 January then we are back into it.

Thank you all for a great 2016.  We would love to see Holi Boli grow in 2017 and see us hire a few more of our beautiful local village women to stitch you guys more beautiful Holi Boli dresses.

Look out for us on Amazon.in soon too.  We just want to sell as many dresses as we can to get more jobs in our area.  That is a real driver for us at Holi Boli.  

Ka kite Ano,

Holi Boli :)


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