2018 December - Graduation
Another awesome class of graduates from the Holi Boli Sewing Centre.  We teach stitching, pattern making and designing to students.  Most of them take these new skills and get work.  We even get to hire a few of them at Holi Boli for our clothing manufacture side.

2018 Graduates
Graduates of December 2018
The course runs for 4 months.  The students learn the very basics such as cutting with scissors and threading needles and progress through to the more complicated details for designing, pattern making and grading.  Each student has her own machine in class.  The practice on treadle machines which are the most common in India but we do supply electric machines for learning for those who are keen to try it.  The student feedback at graduation is always about how confident they have become, not only with their sewing, but in themselves also.  We hear stories about how students have received compliments from fathers and mothers-in-law about their new sewing skills who have never giving compliments before.  It always brings out a few tears for us all.

It's a great job.  Our sewing teachers, Nini and Banita, do a wonderful work.  How satisfying to be part of a work that encourages sisters to empower other sisters!  Love it!


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