2018 December - Holi Boli Christmas Picnic


All in the van with our equipment
Every year we go on our annual Holi Boli Christmas Picnic.  We load up the van with people, uncooked food, pots and firewood.  There is not a single space left in the van.  We are peas in a pod bursting at the seems.  I am not sure that it meets western safety standards but it does meet our standard of fun.  LOL.  We drive down to the local river and find us a great space where we can cook and eat together.  All us women have a great time together, lots of laughter and good yarns.  I think we all appreciate being away from the everyday grind and being together.  It is definitely a camaraderie of women.  Even thought it is a bit of an effort it is worth it!

Just a short walk to our favourite spot
Preparation of the food
The best part.  Eating the food.


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