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2017 November - We are growing! Thank you for buying Holi Boli!

More Sales = More people at Holi Boli! धन्यवाद!

Holi Boli Team: Lakshmi, Bhanumati (Back); Pramila, Asmati, Sandhya (Middle); Banita, Janaki, Sasmita (Front)

धन्यवाद /dhanyavad/ (Thank You)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! More dresses are selling so we have been able to employee more ladies from our village. That is our goal, it is a simple idea, do what I do best, make dresses, and empower women in...

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2017 August - Newsflash!


Holi Boli is excited to announce a new member to our team!

Asmati comes from a nearby village. She completed the Holi Boli sewing training programme in the last graduation. She is very very hard working and has a natural ability for sewing. She will be learning some new skills over the next few months and then will start stitching Holi Boli dresses. We are so excited! We want to sell...

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2017 April - Graduation Stories

Every graduation we have comes with stories from the sewing students about how they have overcome so much to learn to sew. I am always amazed and in awe of the resilience of women! These women are from village backgrounds and often travel up to 10 km/day to come to class in the 40+ temperatures. RESPECT!

Asmati (in yellow) and Ana at April 2017 Graduation

This, the moment my heart screams "YOU DID...

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2016 October - Opinion - What is Ethical Fashion?

What is ethical fashion?

Whenever I try to discuss an idea like 'ethical fashion' I end up realising that the person I am talking to has a totally different definition of the topic.  Defining what you mean is essential for proper discussion on any topic.  In fact, it seems apparent to me that most academic conversations spend a fair amount of time in definitions.

The word 'ethical' means 'beliefs...

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