More Sales = More people at Holi Boli! धन्यवाद!

Holi Boli Team: Lakshmi, Bhanumati (Back); Pramila, Asmati, Sandhya (Middle); Banita, Janaki, Sasmita (Front)

धन्यवाद /dhanyavad/ (Thank You)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  More dresses are selling so we have been able to employee more ladies from our village.  That is our goal, it is a simple idea, do what I do best, make dresses, and empower women in our village through that.  We train ladies to sew and when we can we employee them.  You buy our dresses, that subsidizes our training costs (which are very affordable for our village ladies;  we believe them paying something towards their training is important), and through sales we employee more ladies. Simple.  Thank you again for your support; we hope that you feel empowered too!  We do designer dresses for ladies with unique situations.  We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee (it is scary enough to buy online, so we try to take the fear factor out of it! - some conditions apply like not wearing the dress).  We make orders for shops and boutiques. 

Anyhow, we love our work, love being in this beautiful village in this incredible India.  Thank you for making it happen. धन्यवाद and Nameskar!

Love Your Sisters!
Love from Ana & the Holi Boli Team!


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