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2019 November - Warning:  This Blog Contains a Bit of a Rant!

2019 November - Warning: This Blog Contains a Bit of a Rant!

It’s still a man’s world out there.  It is getting better but it is still not good enough.  I remind myself that I do not want to become the things I hate.  That is what happens if we go all ‘Hulk’ rage when we are wronged - we wrong others.  We need to ‘Nelson Mandela” that rage.  Turn it into a better world.

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2019 February - Holi Boli Staff Medical

It was really awesome to have some very very qualified nurses (holding masters degrees and many years experience) come and visit us at Holi Boli from New Zealand. We all took turns to have a medical check up. We all had our Blood Pressures done and number of other tests. We answered a lot of questions. Fortunately, we are all pretty healthy. Our results are all on file for the next check up and we...

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2018 August - New Zealand Fashion Weekend Here We Come!

Exciting Holi Boli news....

Wow! It is amazing how life turns out. When I chose to come live in the backwoods of India I thought I had traded all the glitter and glam of the fashion world for the heat and dust of beautiful India. Apparently not! I am going to the New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW) all because of another NZ woman's dream to empower women in rural India. Jodie Woods started Tonic &...

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2018 July - Newsflash

We are super excited to welcome Sanghamitra and Rubina to Holi Boli.  Contracts in hand. Best part of my job! Banita ensures the ladies understand my poor Odia language.  Thanks to u who have supported Holi Boli !  Special thanks Two Lippy Ladies  and Tonic & Cloth 

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