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2018 January - Newspaper - "A Stitch in Time"

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A Stitch in Time

By By Soumika M Das | Published: 06th January 2018 10:00 PM |

Ana with her students at Holi Boli

On an ordinary afternoon at Malipali—a village of 250 families in Odisha’s Sambalpur district—men are out in the fields, women are busy peeling garlic cloves or chopping vegetables, with...

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2017 November - We are growing! Thank you for buying Holi Boli!

More Sales = More people at Holi Boli! धन्यवाद!

Holi Boli Team: Lakshmi, Bhanumati (Back); Pramila, Asmati, Sandhya (Middle); Banita, Janaki, Sasmita (Front)

धन्यवाद /dhanyavad/ (Thank You)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! More dresses are selling so we have been able to employee more ladies from our village. That is our goal, it is a simple idea, do what I do best, make dresses, and empower women in...

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2017 April - Graduation Stories

Every graduation we have comes with stories from the sewing students about how they have overcome so much to learn to sew. I am always amazed and in awe of the resilience of women! These women are from village backgrounds and often travel up to 10 km/day to come to class in the 40+ temperatures. RESPECT!

Asmati (in yellow) and Ana at April 2017 Graduation

This, the moment my heart screams "YOU DID...

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2017 January - A New Hope

Another sewing class kicked off this week at the Holi Boli sewing house. They're all fairly quiet and nervous at this stage. But give them two weeks and the house will be bubbling with chatter as they realise they are in a safe happy place, where new friendships and new skills come life. A New Hope!
New class underway. All lovely ladies.

Very serious on first days. They will relax in a week or so.


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