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2018 January - Another Sewing Class Begins! :)

Holi Boli Sewing School has kicked of 2018

After taking a 6 month break to head over to "Sarah the Carer's" wedding in Castor, Alberta, Canada we are back into sewing class. We have extended Holi Boli operations so the school has taken over the house at the back of Holi Boli. Awesome! All the machines have been set up, serviced and students are arriving ready to go. At Holi Boli School there is one...

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2016 July - Banumati's Story - Ethical Fashion Empowering Women

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Trusted Clothes Blog - Used by Holi Boli with permision.

Banumati shared her story for Trusted Clothes blog. This story is used with her permission.

Banumati was born in the Government hospital on 14 June. She doesn’t know what year, but thinks she is now 21 years old. She doesn’t celebrate her birthday but her brother (who used to be the only one in the family...

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