Holi Boli Sewing School has kicked of 2018

After taking a 6 month break to head over to "Sarah the Carer's" wedding in Castor, Alberta, Canada we are back into sewing class.  We have extended Holi Boli operations so the school has taken over the house at the back of Holi Boli.  Awesome!  All the machines have been set up, serviced and students are arriving ready to go.  At Holi Boli School there is one sewing machine per student, 2 Odia teachers (Banita and Nini) and of course, Ana.  This year the school will run while Ana is in New Zealand (this is a first).  It is so exciting to see the autonomy and leadership of the Holi Boli team starting to really flourish.  Go girls go!  Sisters helping sisters - its what its all about!

Thanks for all you who support and encourage Holi Boli!  We love you guys!

Nini watches on and gives advice.  Nini has been with us since 2013.  She is a great teacher now.

Students are little nervous in the first few days but they soon loosen up.  Mums come with their children #makingithappen


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