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2018 July - What have CHICKEN EGGS got to do with it?

Ethical and sustainable are buzzy words at the moment.  It seems that many people like the idea of buying ethical and sustainable.  Fair trade is an important brand these days.  Many of us want to know that we are not harming our planet or the life on the planet with the purchases we make.  In my last blogI wrote about the important part we play as consumers and the role that business has in...

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2016 October - Opinion - Quality in Ethical / Sustainable Fashion

Should Ethical/Sustainable Fashion be Quality Fashion?

Of course there are times where the artisan or crafts industries struggle to meet quality standards set by modern manufacturing facilities.  However...

... quality itself is a customer perception!

Regardless of our products we must continuously strive for quality. Our drive for sustainability and ethical practices do not need to compromise the...

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