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2016 September - Lovely Visitors from New Zealand

Team Gizzy!
The Dynamic Duo
We have some the most amazing customers!  Some even travel all the way over to India to cheer us on.  Of course, they are usually the ones that cheers on from afar also.

Jan and Miriam are a dynamic duo in Taupo real estate. They arrived in Visakapatam and toured through Jaipore up to our base in Bhalupali then finally up to Kolkata. Awesome time! The Holi Boli team were...

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2015 August - No More Power Cuts Thanks to the Multicultural Council!

Multicultural Council, New Zealand, Holi Boli, Holi Boli Fashionz, Inverter, Fortunes

Here in rural India we endure random daily power cuts and the lights and fans go off during sewing classes. It gets so dark that it is difficult to continue sewing and so so hot (especially in April/May when the temperature gets up over 40 degrees C)! Thanks to a generous donation from a kind-hearted Multicultural Council in NZ, we have been be able to purchase a back-up electricity system! This...

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