Team Gizzy!
The Dynamic Duo
We have some the most amazing customers!  Some even travel all the way over to India to cheer us on.  Of course, they are usually the ones that cheers on from afar also.

Jan and Miriam are a dynamic duo in Taupo real estate.  They arrived in Visakapatam and toured through Jaipore up to our base in Bhalupali then finally up to Kolkata.  Awesome time!    The Holi Boli team were very happy to meet some customers.

Meredith and Carole came over from Gisborne, New Zealand.  Meredith has been a passionate supporter of Holi Boli from NZ.  It is so cool to connect with sister who have the same ethos as us (sisters-helping-sisters).  It was awesome to meet and befriend Dalbir Singh who was their tour guide.
Good fun and nice encouragement that sisters are loving sisters all over the world.  It makes a big difference for our staff to have contact with their customers.  We all feel like we are a part of world wide community that loves each other.  And... after all is said and done... is what I am talking about!


Holi Boli Meredith (Flower Power Circle Dress) @Taj

Dalbir does the Haka


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