Bhanu at sewing machine

It is great to be back at Holi Boli.  We have had 2 months break over the scorching summer.  Next year we will be doing things differently and running a lesser crew (about half) over the summer in our new Air Conditioned rooms.  Thanks to those who helped with that.  It is exciting that demand at Holi Boli is forcing us to look for ways to keep production going for our customers (while not turning ourselves into a sweat shop - literally).

Huge thanks to all those people that took the time to meet with Ana while she was in New Zealand.  It is really exciting some of the people we are meeting and the quality of input we are receiving to help drive Holi Boli forwards.  We are driven to do be successful because we believe empower women and providing ethical, sustainable and beautiful women's garments is important.  Love, love, love all the positive people out there.  Thank you!

I have posted an email to those on our 'Holi Boli News' email.  Thank you to all you who follow Holi Boli.  Yay - it feels like we are a big team doing our best to make a difference.  You can read it here - Holi Boli News.

Inside Holi Boli

Patternmaking at Holi Boli

New AC indoor unit

AC outdoors


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