2019 August - Ethically Kate

2019 August - Ethically Kate

2019 August - Ethically Kate

So exciting to collaborate with Ethically Kate

Super duper awesome to have Ethically Kate wearing Holi Boli.  We need to get our name out there because every dress sold goes into empowering women in rural India.  This is our way to fight for freedom and a better planet - We do ethical fashion!   (All Ethically Kate photos in this blog are by Nectar Photography.
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Bhanu learns the new buttonhole machine

Bhanu on buttonholes
Empowering women is what its all about!  Bhanumati learns our new machine we purchased to make perfect Jeans buttonholes.  Bhanu is scared but excited.  Love her courage!  Fearless Ethical Fashion - Holi Boli

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  • Awesome work Holi Boli. I really love following ethically kate on her blog.

    Sharon Hill on

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