At least 40% off all our "Ethnic / Boho / Hippie" style clothes!

We think Easter is about colour, peace, love, new beginnings, resurrection and hope!  It sounds like we need to get our Boho on! Feel awesome and free in 100% cotton:

Haram Pants (including NEW stock)
Sari Tops

Holi Boli Easter Sale

Need help with sizes?  Click here to see Holi Boli Size Chart. Or you can email us at or FB messenger Ana (Click Here).  We know buying online can be difficult so we work really hard to make it good for you

Also, we are introducing our new Holi Boli necklaces.  These are made by women who live way up in the mountains (Click here to read more about this).  We have been talking and think it will be wonderful to get some empowerment to these women too!  We can do that by making their market a lot bigger.  We hope you will get behind them and add some necklaces to your purchases.  They will only be offered to those making sales (since we cannot offer free shipping on them).  Give us your feedback on what you think about this new venture!  (comment below).

Enjoy your Easter,  (go to sale page)

Help your self to a fresh start if you need to!

Love your sisters!

From the Holi Boli Team.  :)


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