Back to work - YES!  Love all these beautiful fabrics

We all have arrived back at Holi Boli after a hot summer ready to work.  It is still too hot but the rainy season is starting.  The beginning of the monsoons makes life muggy as the rain initially adds wet to the hot.  However, the rain promises cooler days ahead so it seems to lift everyone's spirits.  We are already down to 40 deg C / 104 deg F from 49 deg C / 120 deg F.  So, much better! :)

It was so good sell many of new necklaces over the summer break.  Our feedback about them was very positive and it was a joy to pass that feedback over to the ladies making the necklaces.  These ladies were struck hard in there villages by gale force winds at the beginning of summer.  It is great to know that they have an income coming in that helps their families out.

We are going to add a page to this blog for necklace sales.  We offer free shipping on our dresses but we cannot offer free shipping on the necklaces.  This has proven to be a bit of headache trying to add necklaces to our website.  An easy fix is for people to email us their orders and we can invoice them through a blog page.  Of course, if you are buying a dress and want to add a necklace then that is fine and you can do that at the 'check out' page during your purchase (and shipping is free with a dress).  So, watch this space!

Holi Boli loves that our customers can become 'social workers' during their 'retail therapy'.  Whenever you buy products from us it helps empower women in rural India making you one of the people that empower these lovely women.   We are fortunate enough to be your arms and legs in this retail therapy social working business.  LOL!  Awesome!

Back to work for us means that our sewing rooms have had a big clean up.  The machines have had a service.  We have spent some time upskilling practicing new techniques with the Holi Boli Sewing team.  These ladies are incredible; I am so proud of their crazy skills on the machines, cutting and pattern making.  It is nice to just have the Holi Boli team with no students for a while.  These are the ladies that make our Holi Boli garments.  They have all attended the Holi Boli Sewing School and graduated.*  They then go on to improve their skills by learning of the more senior ladies.  It is so great to see sisters empowering sisters like this.

Love this work!  Photos above (left): having fun cleaning and refueling
with cold drinks.
This photo: Back to designing, cross-legged on the floor. Village style!

*Please note:  Holi Boli Sewing School students do NOT make Holi Boli garments; only our trained Holi Boli staff do that.  :)


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