(Something old, new & blue)

It is good to be back in action after the summer break.  It is just to hot to work in the Bhalupali as summer as it reaches 122 degrees F (50 C)!  Ana took the time to head to NZ and promote Holi Boli there (as well as renew her visa - kindly given 5 year visa by the Indian High Commission in Wellington - thank you!).  The Holi Boli crew took a paid break for 2 months and visited family (as is the tradition in an Indian summer).  We are all super excited to be back to work (after a big clean up).

Refurbished Husqvarna - Vintage

Refurbished Janome - Retro
We were given two old electric sewing machines in NZ which we were able to refurbish.  Awesome to add that to our sustainable manufacturing project list - 2nd chance of life for these beauties!  They are great machines!  And they look super cool - one is very 80s retro and the other fits nicely into our vintage range!  Of course we still use our industrial treadle machines most of the time (they are amazing - quite a bit more advance than most of the treadles that you see as domestic machines).

Brand New - Opal 690Q
Even more exciting is the new machine that we have purchased - The Husqvarna Opal 690Q.  This machine is able to do button holes - which is precisely the feature it was purchased for.  We had a lot of fun working the machine out together.  It had a few issues getting here with the GST changes in India no one seems to know what to do to courier items.  Then the courier decided to throw the machine from a great height. Grrrr.....   However, we now have a mint machine working well and we can do button holes like a champ.   As we grow we will eventually go for a dedicated industrial button hole machine but for now this little lady is going to fit in with us perfectly!  Thanks to those who
helped us out with this!

As mentioned, India is going through big changes with taxes.   Right now that does not change anything for our customers.  We still offer 100% satisfaction guarantee (if you are unhappy we will work out a way for you to be happy) and FREE shipping (anywhere in the world).
Thanks to our customers and friends -
helping us get our new machine
Oh, something old (two old machines), something new (one new machine), something borrowed (nothing), something blue (check out the Holi Boli walls - they are blue!).

Ana & the Holi Boli Team

Old faithfuls - Nini on an Usha Industrial Treadle Machine


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