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2018 September - New Zealand Fashion Week with Tonic & Cloth

The New Zealand Fashion Week was a real blast.  A dream come true thanks to Tonic & Cloth who choose to partner with Holi Boli to make their clothes ethically with sustainable materials. We are really proud to be working with Tonic & Cloth as they stand for empowering the women and our planet. Jodie has passionately poured her life into getting her label up and running and it has been a privilege...

Fun at NZFW2018 Holi Boli Tonic and Cloth

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2017 June - Newspaper Article in New Zealand

From sewing in Tamatea, to teaching women in India


June 9 2017

Holi Boli founder Ana Wilkinson-Gee with some of her company's designs.

In 2010 Ana Wilkinson-Gee and her family moved to India.

To reach their home in Bhalupali, a small village in central Odisha on the country's east coast, the family of five fly into Kolkata then take a 12-hour train ride...

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2016 September - Lovely Visitors from New Zealand

Team Gizzy!
The Dynamic Duo
We have some the most amazing customers!  Some even travel all the way over to India to cheer us on.  Of course, they are usually the ones that cheers on from afar also.

Jan and Miriam are a dynamic duo in Taupo real estate. They arrived in Visakapatam and toured through Jaipore up to our base in Bhalupali then finally up to Kolkata. Awesome time! The Holi Boli team were...

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