2019 November - "BFCM" - Our View - Food for Thought

2019 November - "BFCM" - Our View - Food for Thought

2019 November - "BFCM" - Our View - Food for Thought

It is a bit strange how things catch on.  In the USA, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in the month of November.  The next day, Friday, has traditionally been a big shopping day with lots of sales - in fact, it used to be called "Big Friday".  The name more recently changed to "Black Friday" apparently reflecting the stock market crash on the same day on September 24, 1869 named "Black Friday".*  Although it might also be because of the sales put the businesses "into the black" (opposed to "in the red" - in debt).  One irrefutable story suggests that slaves were once sold at half price on this day but most deny this to be true.*  The origin of the name "Black Friday" is a bit of mystery.  Personally, I thought it had something to do with Friday the 13th, being a New Zealander, I was totally lost about what it all means.  I am none the wiser after doing some research.

While we often try to prescribe meaning through origins it might be better to derive its meaning based on what happens today.  Today, Black Friday means massive sales and maniacal buying frenzies by customers.  Basically, a showcase of the worst consumerism behaviours of our modern culture.  That is why Holi Boli has opted out of Black Friday and its new buddy Cyber Monday (which tagged on the end of the weekend to expand the fervent consumerism).  Yes, Holi Boli is a business,  Yes, we aim to make a profit.  But we believe in conscious consumerism (not the maniacal frenzied consumerism).  Holi Boli believes in loving people and loving the Earth.  That is, we do ethical and sustainable fashion.  In my observation, "BFCM" seems to stand for something else.   

Food for thought!  Shop wisely this Christmas and make a stand for people and planet.  Peace on Earth and goodwill to all people!   oh, Thanksgiving, the day before Black Friday, that seems like an entirely different ideal!  Irony?  Happy Thanksgiving Peps!  


  • So proud of you guys xx

    Jenny Wilkinson on

  • Wow, Ana, preach! Totally agree! How can we go from Thanksgiving to Black Friday?

    Sharon Hill on

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