2020 January - Holi Boli Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Holi Boli Photo Shoot 2020

Check out these (non-official) behind-the-scenes shots of our 2020/21 Collection photo shoot in Auckland, NZ. We had so much fun and so appreciate these professionals getting the job done to such a high, beautiful standard. Huge appreciation to everyone involved. It such an honour to do work in the field you love with people who have passion to see women empowered. 

 Liz shoots Tayyaba

Brit and Ana

Holi Boli - Brit and Sarah

Holi Boli - Three's Company

Holi Boli - Karishma

The Professionals - Saskia and Hamish

Lovely Johanna and some hot chips

The Holi Boli photo shoot, it was an amazing few days.  The ladies at the Holi Boli sewing house have been buzzing looking at the pics. They say they feel very happy and proud to see the garments they made being worn by the ladies at the photo shoot and whenever customers send their pics through to us. They love it. They feel such a sense of satisfaction, connection and meaning.

Thank you to all those involved.  It is a big process.  Thank you for making it fun too! 

Elizabeth Jury - Best Photographer ever

Made Up by Brit

Silverfox MGMT Group



Thank you Liz for being the best photographer in the universe. 
Thank you Brit for being a legend in front of the cameras and behind the scenes with make up.
Sarah, you are just the women for this job - your attention to the style details is incredible (and Rosie too). 
Karishma, you are a miracle!  You always bringing the energy and fun that everyone needs.
Thank you Saskia for providing us all with awe. 
Thank you Tayyaba for being so lovely and it is awesome to meet someone leading empowerment. 
Johanna it was super having you on board and you did awesome. 
Rebecca and the Silverfox MGMT team you were amazing to work with!
And Hamish,  you the man!  Quite literately the only man on the scene and an wonderful person to know.

Again, Thank you all so much!  Empowering women in rural India through Fearless Ethical Fashion.


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