March has been very busy at Holi Boli Fashionz and HOT!  Its hitting 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit).  We are just about to complete our biggest order yet (thank you to the wonderful crew at Two Lippy Ladies - check them out!).  The Holi Team is really excited that we have worked to produce such a lovely line of dresses.  Busy and hot but really happy!

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Enjoying some 'cold' yoghurt
It's funny sometimes what we foreigners (I am a NZer living in Odisha, India) think.  Our goal at Holi Boli is to create a business where are employees are empowered and well cared for.  The worst employment in the world, in my opinion, are the hellish 'sweatshops' where the workers slave away in hot conditions for very little money (even taking into considerations different economies).  However, this week, our first week of FLIPPING HOT this year, and our Holi Boli ladies do not want even the fans on let alone an air conditioner.  They keep saying that they will catch a cold if it is too cold.  "C'mon girlfriends, its 45 flipping degrees!".    "No mam, we will get fever!"  LOL!   I thought our staff would love to work in air conditioning!  "No mam, we will get sick, its to cold and not good for health!".   So, at the request of the beautiful Holi Boli ladies here I am pink faced and dripping with sweat.    

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!" (Forrest Gump)

I better go now and down another liter of warm water.

Thank you people for journeying with us!  Thank you so much for all the encouragers* out there!  We need you on this earth - you are appreciated!  To all the 'realists' - keep trying your best to dream big dreams.  Life is fun and full of surprises.  Enjoy each moment like it is a chocolate (Forrest Gump reference again).  Anyone for a MELTED chocolate bar!

Be cool!  Don't forget to love on a sister today!  Surprise someone with an act of super kindness - it can't hurt anyone.  

* new word for people who encourage others

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