It is great to be a woman today!  We can appreciate all those women who went before us and paved the way for what we have now.  We can honour them by continuing on and keeping up the progress towards full equality; the work is not done!

As we continue I think it is important to ensure that we do not become the thing that we hate.  We must not become oppressors.  So often we human beings swing past the point of justice and into revenge.  To me, women's rights is not about getting back at anyone.  It is about getting a fair deal, equal pay, recognition, a voice, choice, the right to be who I want to be and the right to be what I was made to be.  I want to contribute to the continuous improvement and well being of this planet, my home.  That is why words like 'empowerment' and 'sustainability' are important to me.

I am 100% sold out on the idea that we can change this world and see women treated with respect in all places and cultures.  I think we can do this by being positive - we do not need to 'take the power' by force and thereby emulate what we hate.  We can do it in love.  We can educate people, we can demonstrate kindness, we can understand that not all people are in the same place that we are in, we can listen, we can be the very thing that we want the world to be.  That is, we need to be role models.  We have to 'be the change that we wish to see'.  Don't get mad, get loving!   Let's show our oppressors unbelievable dignity, like Nelson Mandela, like Gandhi, like Angelou, like Mother Teresa, like Jesus and love our haters into deeper understanding of EQUALITY.

Show your sisters some love today.  Show some haters some love today.  :)

Respect to all you dedicated to empowerment and sustainability.  Making the world a better place.

Love from the me and the Holi Boli Team!


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