2016 July - Susama Gets Married
Holi Boli Rajkumari - Susama Gets Married
"Parting is such sweet sorrow" - R&J - Shakespeare
Very quickly it was announced that Susama is getting married.  We rejoiced and we cried.  Susama is so happy to be married to her handsome Rajkumar (Prince) so we rejoice with her.   BUT sad because she will live in a village too far away to come to Holi Boli.  We already miss her!  Her father announced on Monday that she will be married on Friday.  WOW!  We wish her the very best!  She will always be our friend and welcome to visit as anytime (already she has - yay!).
We have so many happy memories of Susama.  She was always quick to smile, quick to laugh and keen to learn new things.  She took great pride in her work and helped others regularly to learn new things.  A real team member and friend to all.  See you again soon lovely lady!  Many many blessings and good luck in your marriage!
Holi Boli team - LtoR: Nini, Susama, Laksmi and Banumati


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