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2016 August - India Independence Day Clearance Sale

Dresses in our warehouse do not help us empower women! Buy a Holi Boli dress and help us sponsor more rural village ladies in India to learn to sew and for us empower women into meaningful work. Independence Day is about freedom - freedom comes through empowerment! Come and have a look at some of our beautiful dresses that have been dramatically reduced to clear them out of our warehouse. http://w...

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2016 April - Fashion Revolution - I Made Your Clothes

Fashion Revolution, #imadeyourclothes, Holi Boli

#HoliBoli #imadeyourclothes #FashionRevolution

We are excited about the worldwide Fashion Revolution where consumers, manufacturers and retailers around the globe are calling for, and implement, a more transparent and ethical fashion industry!

"We believe that fashion can be made in a safe, clean and beautiful way. Where creativity, quality environment and people are valued equally. On 18-24 April,...

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