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2016 August - New Sewing Class Started!

New Students in the Holi Boli Sewing Class
Practicing a straight stitch
First time on a machine
Another four month sewing class kicked off on Monday with 14 new lovely students eager to learn and be empowered. Let the fun begin.
Our new teacher aid - Banita gives lessons at her first class
Good lines and good beginnings on treadle machine

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2016 July - Banumati's Story - Ethical Fashion Empowering Women

Holi Boli Fashionz, Trusted Clothes, Banumati, Holi Boli
Trusted Clothes Blog - Used by Holi Boli with permision.

Banumati shared her story for Trusted Clothes blog. This story is used with her permission.

Banumati was born in the Government hospital on 14 June. She doesn’t know what year, but thinks she is now 21 years old. She doesn’t celebrate her birthday but her brother (who used to be the only one in the family...

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2016 July - Trusted Clothes - An Introduction to Holi Boli Fashionz

Trusted Clothes Blog - Used by Holi Boli with permision.

Trusted Clothes, Holi Boli Fashionz, Sewing School, Empower Women, Holi Boli, Treadle Machine, Super hot babesHoli Boli Fashionz (Holi Boli) was created out of the mix of doing what you are passionate about and wanting to leave a positive footprint on this Earth.

Holi Boli began as an idea for empowerment through sewing classes as vocational training. There were a number of failures when the first class finished early...

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2015 November - Graduation Day!

Nine more ladies graduated from their three month sewing course and received their well deserved certificates. Stories, tears and laughter were shared while each lady had her turn to be heard. During these three months new friendships develop and self confidence grows. The Holi Boli house is a safe place for ladies to come together and be empowered. A new marketable skill can set them and their...

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