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2016 December - Let the Graduations Commence!

First it was our sisters over at the "Malipali Play and Learn" time to graduate. Two wonderful girls completed 8 months of intense and practical based training. We are so proud of these girls as they have worked very hard to gain their awards. The spend 2.5 hours with the children at the Play and Learn Centre followed by 2 hours (sometimes more) of theoretical training. Both Puja and Nimala are...

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2016 November - The Class of Sewing Geniuses

Just look at what these clever sewing students are up to!  The have been at for 3 months and already the are starting to create amazing designs.  They design, pattern make, cut, and stitch.  

"Empowerment is a beautiful kind of Freedom!"

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2016 August - Busy days at the Sewing School

Learning Pattern Making
Busy, busy at sewing class. The ladies are doing so well and nearly finished working their way through the Skills/Techniques Checklist. Almost ready to start their first projects! High excitement.

Click on the link to buy a 'smile' (or two or three or ten, for US$2 each) to contribute to the empowerment of women in rural India with Holi Boli.

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2016 August - India Independence Day Clearance Sale

Dresses in our warehouse do not help us empower women! Buy a Holi Boli dress and help us sponsor more rural village ladies in India to learn to sew and for us empower women into meaningful work. Independence Day is about freedom - freedom comes through empowerment! Come and have a look at some of our beautiful dresses that have been dramatically reduced to clear them out of our warehouse. http://w...

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