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2017 March - 8 March - International Women's Day


It is great to be a woman today!  We can appreciate all those women who went before us and paved the way for what we have now.  We can honour them by continuing on and keeping up the progress towards full equality; the work is not done!

As we continue I think it is important to ensure that we do not become the thing that we hate. We must not become oppressors. So often we human...

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2017 February - Empowerment isn't glamorous

Thank You to all u lovely ladies who supported our 40% off everything love sale!

Today I am sitting with two of our beautiful Holi Boli ladies in a government office as we try to fix their Aadhaar Cards (ID / Residents card in India). We are trying get PAN cards (tax numbers) for all our girls but alas their Aadhaar card was declined. So, here I sit sweating it up in a world full of men barking...

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2017 February - Valentine's Sale 40% off

Holi Boli is all about spreading the LOVE! So, Valentine's day seems like the perfect time for a sale.  Money in the bank enables us to empower rural Indian women; dresses in the store room does not!  So, open your heart (and your wallet) and help us to empower women in India.

Let us empower you to look fabulous too by taking 40% off everything! Even our already reduced stock.

Your wearing Holi Boli...

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2016 October - Opinion - Quality in Ethical / Sustainable Fashion

Should Ethical/Sustainable Fashion be Quality Fashion?

Of course there are times where the artisan or crafts industries struggle to meet quality standards set by modern manufacturing facilities.  However...

... quality itself is a customer perception!

Regardless of our products we must continuously strive for quality. Our drive for sustainability and ethical practices do not need to compromise the...

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